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When you enter The Main House, and go down, you end up here. This is the basement of The Main House. It's very dark in here. It's hard to see. Here's what it looks like:

Something seems weird about the basement. As if it's a whole new secret that can be discovered. But, it's WAY too dark to see anything. Oh well. You can't see anything in this place. You might as well leave. It's not like you can explore with this darkness looming over you.


You remember an old story you heard a camper telling. This is how it goes:

Once there was a son of Babi. Just a demigod, a lot like you. He was a son of Babi. A mischievous demigod. One night, he decided to sneak out of his cabin. He slipped into the Main House without making a sound. He went right past everyone, and went into the basement. He blindly walked through, until he fell. And he fell. His scream was heard through the main house, but after that, he was never heard from again.

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