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Tawaret's Cabin


Goddess Info

Tawaret is the goddess of childbrith and fertility


Tawaret's cabin is white and looks like a hospital. It has automatic doors and when you walk through them, you are greeted with a yellow waiting room. Through anothor set of doors comes the bedroom, whose beds look like hospital beds.  




  1. Madison Hippoly


Jessica Hemingway


1. Vienna Holmes

2.Laurel  Ashlynn Jane



Not year round campers




Up for adoption


Former Members






  1. Children of Tawaret have a very strong bite if used can cause alot physical damage to their opponent.


  1. Children of Tawaret can be able to resists most type of physical attacks due since they have thick skin.


  1. Children of Tawaret innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.
  2. Children of Tawaret can open there mouth in a 150 Degree angle.
  3. Children of Tawaret can hold their breath underwater for an extended period of time.


  1. Children of Tawaret can become stronger and faster if an ally near them is in danger, or is already wounded. They will continue to be in this kind of state until the danger as past.
  2. Children of Tawaret can communicate or call to the assistance of near by Hippopotamus

Counsellor Only

  1. Children of Tawaret can be able to turn into a hippopotamus.


  1. Children of Tawaret are excellent with children, and infants.
  2. Children of Tawaret are known to be very aggressive.
  3. Children of Tawaret can make very good maternity nurses.

Treaties with other cabins

I, Madison Hippoly, made a treaty with Shu's Cabin

  • We will help each other on quests

I, Madison Hippoly, made a treaty with Sobek's Cabin

  • Mutual defense pact
  • We will help each other with chores



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