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Rachel McLean
Oracle of Kanark
Daughter of Mortals
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Jemima McLean-Mother, Luke McLean- Father, Oscar McLean-Twin Brother
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown with blond stroks
Height 198cm
Affiliation Camps
Weapons N/A
Species Oracle of Kanark
Home Ocacle's Shrine

Camp Pyramid

Quests None
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Rachel is kind and friendly. She loves to sing and dance and is very outgoing. She loves the water and loves to go swimming but gets annoied by her idotic (and sadly her twin) brother Oscar who loves to annoy her but the to of them still stick together when it's important. She is very helpful and a loyal friend. She helps her friends when they need it most and always keeps promises but when she would do anything for her friends she means it and would even die to keep those she cares about safe. She is with no doubt a rebel.
  • Rachel
  • Rachel When she was eight
  • Rachel's neckless
  • Oscar, Rachel's twin brother
  • Jemima, Rachel's Mother
  • Luke, Rachel's father
  • Rachel when she was 12


Jemima and Luke were high school friends and after collage they got married. Two years after their marriage the twin's Oscar and Rachel were born and the family was very happy. As Rachel was growing up people teased her for seeing thing's but really was seeing threw the mist. Jemima and Luke tried to tell her that she has to stop seeing thing's (threw the mist). When the twins were 7 Rachel got clearer site and saw more which caused the bulling to go worse. Jemima and Luke desided to stop paying attion to her except to tell her something like do the laundrey so she grew up with a bad childhood. Oscar kept on annoing her but on thier elevanth birthday it got really bad cause Rachel started having dreams about thing's that would end up happining the next day. Rachel told her parnet's about the dreams but they become worse to her.When she was 17 she couldn't take it anymore and ran away. She desided to follow her visions and in a few days ended up at Camp Pyramid where she met Khnum who gave her a chioce become the Oracel of Karnark or go back to a very bad live. She chose to become the Oracle.


Lucy Hale - Extra Ordinary with lyrics-0

Lucy Hale - Extra Ordinary with lyrics-0



Name Relation Feelings
Jemima McLean Mother I Hate Her!!!
Luke McLean Father I Hate Him!!!
Oscar McLean Twin Brother I don't know