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Pugsley Clay
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Important Information
Gender Male
Family Blaine (Father) Nut (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height Average
Affiliation Camp Pyramid
Weapons Bronze Sword
Species Demi God
Quests N/A
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This character is a child of Nut.


Pugsley is a nice, funny, popular guy. But his head is always in the clouds. He is very smart to. Pugsley, is my of a night person when the stars are out because he can always make pictures with the stars. Pugsley is always looking up at the sky; he always feels like he belongs to the sky...Pugsley is also adventures


Blaine Clay looked at this beautiful Women, like he was looking at the sky. After 2 hours of talking to this women Blaine took her home, Blaine and the women started to kiss. In the morning only a note was left of the women "I had fun, thank you... Signed Nut'

Around 9 or so months Later Blaine received a child, His child

Pugsley didn't know his mum, His father said she was always traveling, he said she was a flight Hostess. Pugsley Lives in Australia with his dad, he goes to a boarding school, but when his not at his school his at home with his dad. Pugsley doesn't have any friends. One day his father gave him a gift saying it came from a women named nut, it was a miniature telescope one pirate’s use. One day he was walking home from school because it was holidays that are when some giant scorpion attacked Pugsley. Pugsley ran for his life, he ran for a long time until he came to a dead end. That’s when he decided he was going to die; he prayed to any god there was to save him. The beast was upon him ready to strike when Pugsleys telescope fell out of his pocket; it was a miracle to see that it had become a big bronze sword. Pugsley picked the sword up and swung it at the scorpion cutting its head off. Pugsley told his dad everything that’s when he decided to get Pugsley to some camp Pyramid. Pugsley boarded the plane, he wass flying to America, where he would be getting on a bus to arrive at Camp Pyramind. Pugsley got there safe and sound. He was nerouse though, New Life...