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Welcome to the Oracles' Cave

You exit the Temple at a back exit and find a path. You walk up to a path, littered with payprus and reeds. Along the path, orange and yellow banners with black pyramids on them, and torches that would be lit during the night stand. As you reach the end of the path, you find a oblisk and a cavern.

As you go in, the cave suddenly becomes larger. sunlight fills the room. There are two paths you can go on titled Buto and Karnark (Thebes).

This is the Oracles' Shrine and residency. The Oracles serve as the foreseers of the future of camp, and modern representations of the original Oracles. The two paths each lead to three rooms, one for every Oracle and its apprentice, and one main room.


Oracle of Buto

Amanda Clarkson/User:JaguarStar190


Oracle of Karnark

Rachel McLean


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