Nekhbet's Cabin


Goddess Info

Nekhbet is the goddess of vultures.


Nekhbet's Cabin is round in shape with multiple nests scattered around it. Inside the walls are a shady purple and the beds are very soft as they are filled with bird down. The counselor's rooms are on the top floor and are the biggest rooms in the cabin. The beds are the same as down stairs only they are incased in the floor, and with a click of a button a dinning table raises and reveals the bed.

Messages From Counselor


Jamie -Child of Nehkbet
-Head Counsellor of Nehkbet's Cabin/High Flyer

Good luck to the cabin well I am gone on the quest, Alexander you are in charge. See ya when I get back, oh and tell mom I love and miss her on Visitor's Day!


Head Counselor

  1. Jamie Gilette


  1. Alexander Gilette


  1. Aaron Black

Campers Who Are Not year round



Former Members




  1. Children of Nekhbet can make their nails grow into talons to use for fighting.
  2. Children of Nekhbet are able to create feathers on their back that they can use to shoot. In doing so the ends become sharp.
  3. Children of Nekhbet can create small gusts of wind that will suck an opponent up by flapping their wings.


  1. Children of Nekhbet can make their skin/feathers hard by tighting them this will deflect some projectile attacks.
  2. Children of Nehkbet can grow wings to fly above there opponents, the longer the wings are in use the more energy it drains.


  1. Children of Nekhbet have better balance then most others.
  2. Children of Nekhbet can scout someone from the sky as they have very good eyes.

Counselor and Leuitenant Only

  1. It is very rare that children of Nekhbet can call apon other birds to come and battle for them. Once the opponent has lost or the summoner has lost the birds will fly away.


  1. Children of Nekhbet tend to be good with flying planes.
  2. Children of Nekhbet have very good eye sight.

Treaties with other cabins

I, Jamie Gilette, have made a treaty with Hathor's Cabin, mutual aid and mutual defense.

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