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Kayla Shanti
Daughter of Anubis
Head Counselor of Anubis' Cabin
Important Information
Gender Female
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Status Alive
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Species Demigod
Home Camp Pyramid

Anubis' Cabin

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This character is a child of Anubis.


Kayla is a lovable, fun and friendly girl. She hates unfairness and brats. Kayla can sometimes be very quiet but, most of the time she's loud. She's a great leader and always thinks outside of the box.


Pima met Anubis at her work in Alexandria, Egypt. Pima work as a author, writing about egyptian history and myths. Pima and Anubis dated for a while before Anubis had to leave. Later that year, Kayla was born. Kayla lived with her mother until, she turned five. Her mom got into a car wreak and died. Soon after the wreak, Kayla moved to San Fiancisco, California to live with her god-mother, Mahina. Kayla went to a local private school with a cousin of her's. Kayla grew up happy and strong on the outside but, on the inside she was sad and pained beacuse of her mother's death. Mahina knew that Kayla was sad and so Mahina tried to keep Kayla happy. Once a month, Mahina would take Kayla to a beach front cabin in Caspar, California. Kayla had a friend there. When Kayla turned fourteen a kid about 17 came up to her at her after school and told her she had to leave. Kayla said no and left with her cousin. Later that night, Kayla was doing homework in the living room when there was a knock at the door. Mahina opened it and the kid was there again. Mahina quickly let him in and led him to her office which Kayla was never aloud to go into. Kayla was wondering what was going on, but she just continued her homework. After about an hour, Mahina and the kid came back out and Mahina told Kayla to pack her things quickly. Kayla obeyed and ran to her room and packed her things. When she was finished the kid put her stuff into a black van and got in. Mahina told Kayla about everything. About the egyptian gods and goddesses and about Camp Pyramid. Mahina also told her that she had to go to Camp Pyramid for safty and Kayla said good-bye to Mahina and got into the van. The kid drove them to Camp Pyramid and Kayla soon after got claimed.