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Janice -Child of Mortals
-sister of Amanda, apprentice oracle

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Janice Clarkson
Sister of the Oracle
Important Information
Gender female
Family Amanda Clarkson
Status single
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 4'5"
Affiliation Camp Pyramid
Weapons none
Species mortal
Home Wadjet's cabin
Quests none
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Janice is shy, smart, but at first glance may seem snarky.


Victoria and Liam were regular mortals who met in high school. They were just friends until senior year of collage, when Liam confessed that he had liked her since they had met. Victoria had just been dumped by her latest boyfriend and wasn't sure how to take it, and said that she was still confused about her feelings for him. Later that month, when Liam was leaving to visit his parents, Victoria ran up to him and ask if she could go, and told him that she did love him. They soon got married and had three kids: Dakota, Janice, and Amanda.

Janice was very smart from a young age. she learned to talk and walk before many other children did. She spent her days reading novels when she was three, and read Harry Potter when just 5. She skipped two grades, so although she is only 9, she is in middle school. This leaves people with the expression that she comes from a rich family, so they treat her like she is a brat. She is currently the apprectince of the oracle.


Name Relation Feelings
Amanda Clarkson sister MY SISTER LIVES IN A CAVE!
Comet Moray cabinmate I thank him for letting me live in his cabin.