Geb's Cabin

Geb's cabin literary looks like the earth. At a glance, it appears to not be there. On the door there is a tree. The inside looks like a hippie caravan. It has save the earth posters everywhere on the walls, tie die cover for the beds, and each resident has there own "G.E.B." which stand for gigantic earth bag. The G.E.B can expand to any size, and is thier space for personal belongings.


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Kiefer Adamson -Child of Geb
-Child of the Earth / The Epicenter / Head Counselor
Age= 16 Height= 5'9 Weight= 145 lbs
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Poison knives / darts

 – “Give me a place to stand on and I will move the Earth.”

"Looks like I'm your new head counselor. Ask me anything that I can help you with."


  1. Kiefer Adamson

Lieutenant Counsellor

  1. Ivy Lane


  1. Fern Lane

Up for adoption

Former Members


  1. Children of Geb have the ability to conjure a weapon or an object out of earth which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also use this power to form other objects as well, at delimited size.
  2. Children of Geb can make small or massive rocks to be thrown at any speed whether in any surface, air or water.


  1. Children of Geb can create a shield made out of rock/earth
  2. Children of Geb can create or stop an earthquake to shake an enemy to the ground
  3. Children of Geb can create or stop sand storms to distract the enemy


  1. Children of Geb can by creating pillar or wave of earthen material for riding.
  2. Children of Geb are able to disappear into the ground,
  3. Children of Geb can draw, and manipulate minerals, sand and metal out of the ground around them


  1. Children of Geb has the ability to earth travel a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Geb are able to telekinetically move earth at a high rate. The larger amount of earth used, the more energy it drains.
  3. Children of Geb can create and collapse tunnels and caves

Counsellors Only

  1. Can create a massive earthquake big and strong enough to destroy a whole city


  1. Tend to love being underground
  2. Children of Geb always knows where ever they are as long as they are on the ground

Treaties with other cabins