Once you have reached level four you can lead a quest. Please have in mind how many others you wish to bring on the quest and any details about the quest you know. An administrator will then approve your request or if there are any changes or additional info needed in order for them to do so they will let you know. Upon approval you will need to visit the Oracle's Cave and request a prophecy, once your prophecy has been given and you have all your quest mates (a total of 3 to 5 should be on every quest so you and 2 to 4 quest mates), at this point the quest will begin. If you have any questions at any time before making the quest or while on the quest contact an administrator.

If your quest starts out with a dream, use this template.

To submit a request simply put the title of your quest in the box and hit request quest.

UPDATE: Reminder, only level four's or above can lead a quest and only level three's or above can join one.

Quests that Have begun

Quests that have begun

  1. The Quest To Kill A Stupid Griffin

Quests That Began but are Inactive

Quests that have everything to start but haven't

Quests missing things: Questors, prophecy

Quests On Hold

Quests to be Approved


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