• MoonkinOfHeaven

    So Ill be on vacation without my computer or any other device what could help me to be online and active in here so Im away for a week during 9th of July to 16th of July. Hope Ill get some help to my requests during that time ill see those then.

    Im always ready to face critic and other stuff so dont fear to post them to message wall of mine :)

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  • TheDragonEmpress

    Okay so I've noticed there are no rules whatsoever. I decided to take into action and set some. Now, if you abide (definition for unable to tolerate) in these rules, the admin team will take into action. Now, here are the rules:

    RULE 1: NO ADVERTISMENT! I've noticed a couple people (not gonna say who, but you know who you are >.>) advertise on the wiki. Now, this is a major rule because if there is no rule about this, well we won't be a wiki anymore, we'd be a place for other wikis.

    RULE 2: KEEPING IT PG-13! This rule is also very important. Some of us are either not 13 or get embaress by the "other stuff" >.< I know you're all probably like "Wtf?" but this is a rule, whether you don't do this stuff.

    RULE 3: BEHAVOUR IN CHECK! This rule is abo…

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  • AstridMyx


    April 21, 2013 by AstridMyx

    So I've been inactive but now I'm back so yay! If you want to rp let me know :) 

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  • Meemius

    Doctor Who Group

    April 2, 2013 by Meemius

    Working? Yes, good! Hello, I'm Jas, as you know. So what's this all about? DOCTOR WHO CHARS!!! Yes, that's right. A group based on the characters from Doctor Who. No past characters though. So sadly the Ponds, Rose Tyler, etc. can't be picked. THIS IS NOW CHANGED!! Apply to make Rory, Martha, Rose and Donna!

    Yeah, sorry :/ .Whilst Sarah Jane Adventures ended, two characters will be here. And Jack from Torchwood (that ended as well but JACK HARKNESS, come on). Models will be actors/actresses from the show (unless voted to famous), although some are to old so will have diff models. So who are the options?

    Name: Declan Wright

    Based on: 11th Doctor

    Model: Matt Smith

    Age: 21

    Owner: Audrey Campbell

    Personality: Declan is energetic, lively, brash, eccentr…

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  • Daughter of Lupa


    February 2, 2013 by Daughter of Lupa

    Jacob's Character and Mine is getting married.

    For All  Cabin.  

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  • Poptropica3

    Hey Guys

    Me and my family are home early but there is a reason, we had to attand a funeral, our aunt died.

    So were back but were really sad. NOT a great holiday we didn't even get to see any sites.

    So HELLO and BYE, g2g

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  • Rockgirl3

    Inactivity for a while

    January 13, 2013 by Rockgirl3

    Hello Users of Camp Pyramid.

    Now me and my family (Sadly includes Pop and Story) are going on a holiday to Egypt. (I might take photo's). Me and my family will be gone for at least 1 week. I'll try to be here as much as I can but I won't be very reagular.


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  • SpellThorn65

    Happy New Year 2013

    December 31, 2012 by SpellThorn65
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  • JaguarStar190

    Burucrat needed!!!

    December 20, 2012 by JaguarStar190


    I have made this for a very important reason, and that is this: WE NEED A BURUCRAT!!! A burucrat is a user that can make people adminisrators. Please vote for your choice. The winner will become a burucrat.

    Here are the choices: JaguarStar190 Jacob.randon24

    Here are the rules: 1. Don't vote for yourself 2. if you are not logged in when you vote, your vote will not count 3. vote once

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  • JaguarStar190

    Ammunt's cabin

    November 27, 2012 by JaguarStar190

    I was reading on the wikipadia page to do Ammun't powers, and a read that Ammunt was NOT considered a goddess, and in fact, she embodied what would happen if they didn't follow ma'at. So now I don't think that we should have a cabin for Ammunt, and if we do, she shouldn't have kids. Please comment below.

    JaguarStar19 (talk) 03:29, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

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  • ShadowGoddess

    Please Read

    November 14, 2012 by ShadowGoddess

    Okay so I need to know everyone's level on the wiki so that I can post them in the Requesting user Rights page. So please comment your level like if your a normal user, rollback, admin or bureaucrat. Thanks guys!

    ~ Shadow

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  • Daughter of Lupa

    I think we should have a Relationship template.

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  • JaguarStar190

    Map of Camp

    October 1, 2012 by JaguarStar190

    This is a map of camp pyramid that my little sister drew after she got on her own account (it's Watergirl_19) and decided that she wanted to draw a map of camp. Here it is:

    JaguarStar190 (talk) 23:14, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Hidden Magic

    Powers last update

    October 1, 2012 by Hidden Magic

    This is the last list of power, which I created as far my knowledge all the other cabins do have a list abilities. Now if you have any complaints about this issue, please write them out here. If you don't explain or tell me what is is your dispute is here then i will assume that you are okay with it.

    Nephthys was a difficult goddess to figure out since the sources tend to vary over what her purpose is. Now the most common factor I found is that she is the goddess of mourning and funerals. Which is what I based these powers on, the only one that differs is the breathing fire since it mentioned that she was dangerous because of this.

    • Children of Nephthys can cause an opponent to be injured by breathing fire at them for a short period of time. (T…

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  • Travelg

    Powers Issues

    August 15, 2012 by Travelg

    It is my understanding that their are individuals here that do have issue with the powers I came up with for the cabin, I assure you that I will be reworking them so that there will be no further issue. If you have any complaints about this issue, please write them out here. Minx did and will continue to help me improve this list.

    • Children of Bast can alter their nails so that they can create super sharp claws, which can be used for throwing, slashing and climbing walls.
    • Children of Bast can bring upon a state of pleasure to another person, making them become dazed for a short time.
    • Children of Bast can focus an intense beam of moonlight, which will burn anything it touches; the effect may also be applied to conjured weaponry and armor.

    • Children…

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  • Sonofboreas16


    July 14, 2012 by Sonofboreas16

    So yet another inactivity blog. I'm in band and 2 weeks of band camp start Monday. Ugggg. Ill be on as much I can. I just wanted to let all you know. The first week is not bad just 8am to like 4pm, but the second is 9 to 9. Well I guess thats all.

    District 12: Where you can starve to death in safety Sonofboreas16 07:27, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Travelg

    This is the last cabins that do not have their powers listed or have been check by me.

    1. Children of Ammut are able to gain a small amount of health every time they deal damage to their opponents
    2. Children of Ammut have the ability to grow multiple rows of Crocodile teeth, and can dislocate their jaws to attack with them.
    3. Children of Ammut can create super sharp claws for throwing, slashing and climbing walls.

    1. Children of Ammut can be able to resists most type of physical attacks due since they have thick skin.
    2. Children of have innate battle reflexes which allow them to fight and dodge quickly.

    1. Children of Ammut are known to have enhanced strength, agility, speed
    2. Children of Ammut can communicate, summon and interact with the dead as if they were st…

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  • Travelg

    This is the continuation of the powers that I been coming up with for the camp. I thought it would be a good idea to post my ideas of what powers should the different cabins possess in this blog. Now anyone can make any suggestion, and critiques; which will be considered and evaluated, about the abilities I am placing on the different cabins.

    ( i had to take out powers since they weren't really associated with thoth since he is god of wisdom, secrets, and scribes. Although he is similar to athena he does have major difference to her. Like athena is associate with being female war goddess, while thoth in battles is a mediator meaning he doesn't use his fists he uses his mind. He does understand strategy and is really smart like athena. Thoth…

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  • Travelg

    Power for the camp

    June 25, 2012 by Travelg

    Well a while ago I volunteered to create the powers for the cabin, although I have been updating Owl on my progress through chat. I thought it would be a good idea to post my ideas of what powers should the different cabins possess in this blog. Now anyone can make any suggestion, and critiques; which will be considered and evaluated, about the abilities I am placing on the different cabins.

    Babi is a baboon god and the god of sexual versatility {aka sexual intercourse) in the afterlife, and a devourer of sous.

    1. Children of Babi can intoxicate people of the opposite gender with pheromones in order to get them to do their bidding; any attempt to use the person to harm anyone will break their control.
    2. Children of Babi extensive fighting skills …

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