Angelica -Child of Bes
-Head Counselor of Bes' Cabin

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Angelica Lyra Bilecen
Head Counselor of Bes' Cabin


OCT 10, 1995





Mortal Parent

Lily Bilecen

Bes Kane Chronicles
This character is a child of Bes.


Angelica has long platinum blonde hair and a pointed face. Her eyes are a startling ice blue, cold and blank, with just a hint of a threat lurking in their depths. She is very pale, her skin like paper. Her hair falls down her back, glowing like the sun in its beauty.


Angelica is very attached to her friends and family, and easy to befriend. She will leap to the defence of a friend in trouble. Despite her looks, she is very kind and has a sense of humour like any other person.


Angelica was born in Egypt, and she grew up in a city. She had been told by her mother how she had met her father. Lily had been at a temple, and she had seen Bes at a pyramid. She got to know him at weekly meetings and soon gave birth to their child. Angelica was sent to an orphanage so that nobody would ever know about their meetings. She was allowed to wander off, and when she was thirteen she was attacked by a monster. She was rescued by another demigod, and brought to camp, although she never caught his name.

==WEAPONS== Celestial bronze throwing knives, a shield and a dagger for close combat.